Uses Of Neon Signs That Make Them Hard To Ignore

Neon signs are not the sign of luxury or an over the board design idea anymore. These are becoming vital to branding activity, for decorating the commercial and residential spaces and also for marketing the products and services. What accessories and merchandise do to the business while remaining afar from the premise, the neon signs do the same job while remaining installed on any part of it. Thus, these form the identity of any commercial space. Some of the best uses of neon signs that have increased their utility over the years are:


  • Sign Boards


Neon Signs are the illuminated sign boards. These can be fit on the facade, at the entrance gate, on any wall or over a pole at a height. Wherever these are placed, these do the job of informing the world about the business and its useful information such as working for. Signs like only for ladies or men’s cave come as warning and an indication of areas meant for select group of people. 

The other types of sign boards can be the sign of two beer cups clanking with each other, pizza, cutlery, and etc. to give indication about the food and beverage business running in the premise. Sign boards based on neon lights have far-reaching effects and these can remain any business’s identity for years if installed and used correctly.


  • Wall decorative


Neon signs are not meant for outdoors only. These have moved to interiors of the premise and made them vibrant with their funky appeal. The decorative for walls made using neon signs are commonly used at:

  • Party venues for writing happy quotes
  • Homes for giving welcoming appeal to bedrooms, kitchen, washroom, etc.
  • Office walls for indicating the function of department
  • Night bars and clubs for adding to the vibrant feel of the place

Neon wall arts work quite longer and stay fresh with no need for maintenance. The coating does not peel off easily if these are of good quality as the exposure to sun is limited. Since these are operational for limited hours of the day, their use can be extended to months and beyond. Some neon wall arts are of dimmable type and so can look good and illuminate appropriately as per the lighting requirements of the space. Thus, these wall arts never look out of place and offer easy way of renovating the space.


  • Indicators of direction and address 


The neon signs can be used outdoors. These signs when shaped in the design of an arrow, or board can show the route to the customers trying to reach the business address. The neon signs used for indicating can be made as left arrow, right arrow, or these can be used to design messages like shop here, eat here, pray, be happy, etc. to tell the visitors what to expect at the location. Vintage signs are another interesting style of neon signs that can give any place a retro feel. Businesses dealing in things from the retro times can make use of vintage signs in the form of Old English quotes, phrases etc.  Thus, neon signs actually draw the customers to the location while others advertising merchandise just tells the world about the existence of the business. 


  • Highlighting the brand name


Neon signs can be designed using brand name ideas. In this form, these are usually placed at the entrance of the premise. Neon signs can be used to demarcate the niche in a mixed use building and also to ascertain the location of various offices in the building. Banks, restaurants, church, pubs, hospitals and various other businesses use the neon signs to decoratively place the brand name in the intended spaces.

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