Rent in Chelsea – One of London’s Most Sought After Areas

Are you looking for flats to rent in Chelsea, London? Some of the most desirable properties in London are located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Chelsea is a lively and beautiful town, situated in the west of the city. Here are the benefits of living in Chelsea, London.

Convenient Location

Chelsea is located in West London. It has a central London location with enough amenities to suit your different needs. The area has an abundance of luxurious resturants and splendid stores.

Living in Chelsea offers you excellent access to other parts of London. It has efficient public transport that will help you get around London easily.


Chelsea has plenty of beautiful properties. This includes both residential property and commercial real estate. There are pleasant houses, perfect for families. Chelsea has some of the most lavish streets in the capital. This makes property ownership more expensive.
Still, there are cheaper apartments and studios that you can comfortably live in. 

Flats in Chelsea are on high demand. Therefore, move fast if you’re thinking of purchasing or renting your new home.


There are plenty of green spaces in Chelsea. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the parks and gardens will be a great way to unwind. Despite being a central location, it accommodates more than 30 parks. These parks are run by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelse

Shopping stores

If you’re a determined shopper, Chelsea will be the perfect place to visit or live. The King’s road is exceedingly famous for shopping. With the plenty of luxury boutiques, great shops and stores available, you’re guaranteed to get whatever you want. The farmer’s market, with its range of restaurants and stores, is a superb place to spend your Saturday afternoons.


Public transport in Chelsea is very reliable. There are several bus routes and the underground that offer residents access to the city. One interesting feature of the transport system in Chelsea is the presence of the Thames Clippers. These boats offer fast and efficient services up to Canary Wharf.

Schools and other amenities

Chelsea has a wide variety of excellent educational facilities to choose from. There is a wide range of both public and private primary, secondary and college institutes.

If health and sanitation are one of your main considerations when choosing a place to live, then Chelsea is perfect. There are enough healthcare clinics and hospitals. 

Properties in Chelsea can be more costly than other areas of the UK. However, the neighbourhoods, recreational spots, rich greenery scenery and culture is worth it. Plus, there is just so things to do in Chelsea!

Exciting things to do in Chelsea

  • Take a walk in Chelsea’s Psychic Garden.
  • Treat yourself to delicious lavender scones.
  • Attend a Saatchi art exhibition or a folk music concert at Codagon Hall.
  • Climb, ski and make new friends at Chel-ski.
  • Visit the National Army Museum.


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