Five Steps to Take when Importing a Car into Canada

Even if the exchange rate is not favourable for Canadians, many people still choose to buy cars out of the United States. While there are hoops that buyers must jump through, this is possible as long as they are willing to take work. If you are looking to import a car into Canada, here are the steps you must take:

Ensure your Car is Admissible into Canada

Ensure the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) and Transport Canada has considered your car importable. While a lot of cars can be brought in “as is” others need the installation of metric odometers and the addition of daytime running lights. Make sure to find a comprehensive list of what you can and cannot bring over the border online. 

Ensure the Title is Clean

When importing a car, you will always need a title as it proves ownership of the car. Without this document, you are not the car’s owner in the eyes of the law. Ensure the car has a clear title to import. The local U. S. Department of Motor Vehicle offices may be able to help you learn how to spot a bad title and make sure you are getting a clean one. 

Call-In 72 Hours Ahead

To import a car into Canada, you must expert it from the United States. If you fail to do this, you will run into serious issues when you visit the United States again. Ensure to get in touch with the exact U. S border crossing you will use at least 72 hours before you bring your car for export. You must send them a digital scan of the title’s front and back and your Internal Transaction Number (ITN).

Get an ITN

You can be a professional, licenced importer to get an ITN or pay a service to get it for you. Clearit car importing can set you up with an ITN for a fee. You must provide the importer information such as a digital scan of your title (front and back part), car value, full Canadian address, phone number, and Canadian passport number. The importer will send this information and the ITN to the U. S. border.

Export the Car

You are ready to export if you have called in 72 hours ahead, has a clean title in hand, and the ITN paperwork. However, since not all U. S. hoarder crossing has an export office, you must know where to export. When you find the lace, the exporting process will be quite straightforward and you will be going to Canada with your car. 

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