Domestic Helper Insurance: What’s Covered?

For a few families, the individual who manages and oversees the household works is a domestic helper. Your toilets shall begin to stink, dishes shall remain unwashed, and kids may even run around with sharp-edged objects in her absence. If you own a domestic helper or you’re planning to own one, Domestic Helper Insurance is a crucial thing that every individual should buy. It is imperative to know the kind of coverage it offers, outpatient expenses, or the wage compensations covered in the policy.

Singapore Domestic Helper Insurance Regulations

Before your maid arrives in Singapore, you need to ensure by law that the person is covered by personal accident insurance as well as medical insurance. If you check out famous insurance providers such as HL Assurance, you’ll observe that irrespective of the plan you select, they all commonly offer $60,000 for coverage in a personal accident. It is crucial to realise that most of the housemaid insurance policies shall comprise the elements that are needed by law, which have been mentioned above. Most of the plans shall also provide a customised alternative to other benefits.

So, what sort of coverage can you contemplate from the domestic worker insurance plan?

What Does Maid Insurance in Singapore Cover?

Here Are Some Relevant Policies That Are Covered by the Maid Insurance in Singapore:

  1. Hospitalisation Provided:

The count of domestic workers balancing unreliably on ledges while washing their boss’s windows, and it is an excellent thing that local helper insurance comprises of surgical expenses and hospitalisation benefits. In any case, your domestic worker gets injured, drives in the hospital, or falls sick, and you can produce medical bills claim.

This is significant taking consideration, especially on few house owners don’t prefer sending their domestic workers to a doctor provided they consider it utterly obligatory, fearing costly medical bills. Being aware of that insurance covers the treatment of domestic helpers will enable the boss to send them for medical aid whenever necessary.

  1. Personal Accident

As stated above, the coverage under personal accident is compulsory and fixed at $60,000. If your maid gets involved in an accident that leads to permanent disability or death, your insurance scheme should provide coverage of a minimum of $60,000. Such payout shall enable you to perform correctly by your maid or/and their family back at home, consisting of repatriation payment if the insurance policy has not added this.

  1. Outpatient Treatment

Taking care of and overseeing your home might be a dangerous job. Visualise your maid getting rebuked while cooking, getting bitten by your adored fur-kid, or so on. Singapore’s domestic helper insurance must provide coverage not only for hospitalisation but also for outpatient surgery and different treatments. This insurance indicates that in case your maid pays a visit to the hospital and isn’t warded, your insurance company can yet compensate for their medical bills.

Outpatient expenses are generally covered when the injury took place due to an accident, thus ensure you are well aware when the coverage breaks in on time.

  1. Security Bond

If you’re employing a housemaid from anyplace, but Malaysia, you’ll need MOM to purchase a $5000 bond from any insurance company or bank. Additionally, if you hire a Filipino maid, you’ll also require releasing the Philippine Embassy along with a guaranteed letter for a security bond up till $7000. This letter must come from any reliable insurance company that is valid for the following two years.

Thus ensure your surer covers you for all the bonds. This indicates they shall accept to reimburse Embassy/Government when you have a forfeited bond and thereby recuperate the fee from you.

  1. Repatriation

In case your housemaid is permanently disabled or dies, few insurance schemes shall over a distinct repatriation payoff so that you can send them back home. These fares can be quite high-priced, and it shall be best and right to move the deceased back to their home to their family for respectful and proper burial.

  1. Third-Party Liability

While your housemaid is optimistically not leaving to move out and knock down someone’s belongings, as a result, that you or the house worker finishes up on the obtaining end of the lawsuit. You shall be contented when your domestic helper insurance provides coverage from third-party liability.

  1. Wage Compensation

Some domestic helper insurance schemes shall recompense you little regular insurance each day when your maid is not able to work or is hospitalised. Wage compensation is for compensating you for your maid’s wages so that they can still earn their salary while they suffer from the condition.

  1. Critical Illness Cover

Not every policy provides coverage for critical illness, yet those that execute shall finance a lump sum when your housemaid is discovered with a critical illness. Such coverage shall operate in the same way as all other insurance policies with parallel coverage.

  1. Theft

If you’re the suspicious type, you must search for domestic helper insurance, which protects your family’s belongings from theft committed by your maid.

  1. Housemaid’s Personal Belongings

Don’t get surprised when your housemaid has her laptop or smartphone. A few of the insurance policies shall protect the personal belongings of your maid, so when they arrive damaged or stolen, you can claim reimbursement on your maid’s behalf.

  1. Replacement Maid

If anything terrible happens to your maid and consequently you’re propelled to employ another, few domestic helper insurance policies shall pay agency charge to search you a new housemaid. Take in mind that the contract you’re your previous housemaid has been terminated because of any severe circumstance like death. Thus, don’t make use of such excuses to replace domestic helpers on a whim.

  1. Substitute Help Benefits

When your housemaid is out of an activity or gets hospitalised, few insurance schemes shall pay a definite amount per day so you can seek alternative aid.

Most individuals do not know what domestic helper insurance provides, and that is a shame since it also indicates such individuals possess no idea at the right time for claiming. However, they are authorised to perform so. Go through the above comprehensive guide to know whether the expenses covered on your domestic helper and you are well protected.

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