Difference Between Man Made Diamonds Vs Moissanites

If you are planning on getting a diamond for your fiancé on your engagement day, it is very important for you to be well aware of the difference between man made diamonds vs moissanites. This will help you to make the wisest decision regarding which diamond should you pick. Remember that this is your first gift and discussed is going to be treasured until ones that so make sure that the ring you choose is the best one. This should be something that your girl likes and cherishes forever. To learn synthetic diamonds, here are some points.


First of all, the sparkle of a moissanite is much brighter and shinier than a man made diamond.  In reality a moissanite is much more colorful than any kind of natural or manmade diamonds. Therefore to be able to differentiate between Man made diamonds vs moissanites, a man-made diamond and a more is a night one can keep both the diamonds together and then see how one reacts in presence of light. Therefore it can be said that unlike the man-made diamonds which cannot be distinguished from natural Diamonds with naked eyes, moissanites can be clearly differentiated.


The second point of difference between a moissanite and a man-made diamond is their color. Man made diamonds occur in various colors like white, yellow, pink, black, and others. The can also be colorless. However, the color range of a moissanite isn’t that huge, it can only occur in colorless, yellow-green shade, and near colorless. Therefore if you are looking out for a colorful diamond then lab made diamonds might be much better choice. You will be able to select from a wide range of colors which is surely going to blow your mind. There are not much enough options when it comes to the moissanite.


Price is a factor that should be considered when differentiating between the two types of Diamonds. This will give you an idea on which diamond to be chosen if you are on a tight budget. Moissanites unknown to be much less expensive than man made diamonds. This low cost helps them to win the hearts of many buyers as we can make some saving as well as get a diamond for their girl. However it is very important for one to note down that if they do not have a very tired or fixed budget then you should always go for a man made diamond.


The hardness of a man-made diamond is much more than moissanite. It is very important for one to get a drawing that is hard enough to not break down with everyday use and wear. Engagement ring is something that one is going to weather throughout the day, throughout their life. This makes it very important for one to ensure that the ring that the get for the girl is hard enough to survive the everyday struggle. A moissanite will never be able to survive this struggle and might get spoiled or broken.

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